Boura Monastery – Ampelakia Monastery – Springs of Evrota river

Within walking distance of 10 minutes drive from Leontari there are two important monasteries, the Monastery Boura and the Monastery Ampelaki which the visitor can visit.

The monastery Boura celebrates on August 23 which took place on the same day the Falaisiotiko (Boureiko) festival with dance groups, traditional live music, local food and drinks.

The Monastery Ampelaki is a ravine southeast of Taygetos and it is a very beautiful monastery, built between cliffs. The monastery celebrates on 8 September and every year thousands of worshipers arrived to worship the image of “Makelaritissas” considered miraculous.

About 2km from the Monastery Ampelaki are spring of Eurotas River, a small lake in ancient trees ideal place for picnic.